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Understanding Heavy Rigid Truck License Training

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The transport and logistics industry is a strategic sector within any economy because it provides an important link in the business chain. Heavy vehicles have been used to ferry machinery to construction sites, deliver raw materials, and transport finished products from plants to warehouses among other heavy tasks. Heavy vehicle license training is a collection of training programmes covering different types of heavy trucks all aimed at equipping the drivers with the skills necessary to safely operate these vehicles as a part-time or fulltime occupation.

There are various types of heavy vehicle license training including light rigid license, medium rigid license, and heavy rigid license. This article looks at heavy rigid truck license training and what it entails as a way of informing interested audience who may want to pursue the training as a career.

Heavy Rigid Vehicle Definition

A heavy rigid vehicle refers to a three axle vehicle that has a gross vehicle mass measuring 8 tonnes and above. In the transport industry, these types of vehicles are preferred to light trucks due to their capacity to handle heavy loads and move through difficult terrain.

Heavy rigid truck license training aims at equipping drivers with the necessary techniques to safely and easily drive these vehicles.

Obtaining a Heavy Rigid Truck License

In order to obtain a license to drive these vehicles, you must have heard an Australian car license for a period of 2 years and above. In the event you don't meet this requirement, you will have to seek a special exemption from the local roads authorities.

When being assessed for heavy rigid license, you will be required to have a thorough knowledge in areas such as defensive driving particularly in wet weather, at night, in foggy driving, and when you are sleepy. Your knowledge of load restraint including the maximum length a load may project in front of the truck will be assessed as well as negligent driving when approaching crests, single-laned roads, curves, and hills.

The knowledge you gain from this training from schools like Makene's Driving School doesn't tie you to only one type of vehicle. For instance, you will learn how to successfully operate synchromesh, non-synchromesh, and automatic engines. Most institutions offering these types of training will give you flexible training programmes complete with one-on-one training so that you fully understand what is required of you on the road.

Successful licensees of heavy rigid truck trainings can find placements as warehouse delivery drivers, bulk good drivers, and charter bus drivers. If driving heavy rigid trucks is your career aspiration, then this training is an investment worth your money.