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Why Upgrade to Interactive Whiteboards for Your Office?

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Whiteboards are very common in most offices today, as they give a speaker a chance to make and present notes to a group and then erase them just as easily. They can also be used as a means of communication, like a large billboard for the office advertising notes and reminders.

However, today's technology has made whiteboards interactive, so that they can be hooked up to computers and the screen of the board then becomes touch sensitive. A person can swipe, enlarge, and otherwise interact with the image on the screen, just as he or she would with a computer screen. If your office hasn't upgraded to interactive whiteboards yet, note a few reasons why they may be beneficial for your company.

1. Demonstrations

If trying to demonstrate a piece of software or new technology to a group, this can be difficult without a large projector screen that everyone can see. It's cumbersome to try to have everyone focus on a small computer screen, but hooking up an actual projector to your computer then tethers you to the computer itself, as you need to use the computer keyboard to walk through the demonstration.

Using an interactive whiteboard makes the board itself the computer screen, so you can easily go through the software demonstration or show off the new technology without having to use the computer, making it easier on the speaker and easier for the entire group to follow.

2. Internet access

During any type of presentation or discourse, you may want to access certain websites, which you can do right from the whiteboard itself. As hyperlinks show up or web addresses appear, you can use a pen or the touch of a finger to open up those pages in a separate window so that everyone can see the internet page as well as the presentation material at the same time.

3. Interconnectivity

Another advantage is that you can connect the interactive whiteboard to other computers which can then access the board, so that coworkers who are traveling or otherwise absent can see exactly what everyone else in the conference room sees on the whiteboard. They too can interact with the board, making notes with a pen or their finger.

This allows for full participation of everyone on a team or in a department, with no one being able to say that they missed an important point because they could not see the presentation properly. Their computer screen becomes the interactive whiteboard, so they get the most out of the meeting even when not present.

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